Full Metal Solutions

Safety comes first at this local welding and metal fabrication business.

Full Metal Solutions

Safety comes first at this local welding and metal fabrication business.

AP PrecisionManufacturers with bulky, heavy or uniquely-shaped products are increasingly finding value in custom metal solutions designed to protect, move and sequence product throughout their supply chains. These systems can be tailored specifically for specific components and come in an assortment of sizes, capacities and styles.

Metal Fabrication

This company provides custom metal fabrication services for various industries. Their team of engineers, designers and fabricators collaborate closely with clients to ensure that the final product meets their exacting specifications. Services provided include CNC machining, metal cutting and welding as well as additional services such as finishing and assembly.

Forming is one of the most widely-used metal fabrication techniques, using hydraulic presses to transform flat sheet metal into new angles and shapes without breaking it. Other forming methods include bending, stretching and stamping.

Arc welding is another popular metal fabrication method. This process entails joining metal components together using an electric current, enabling a company to produce intricate designs with precise tolerances while cutting production costs and time significantly. Furthermore, this method produces parts and assemblies which would otherwise be difficult or expensive to manufacture in-house; its products are highly accurate and long-lasting, providing valuable assets for companies and OEMs alike.

Metal Racks

Steel storage racks come in many different styles. Some feature wire decks woven together or soldered at cross points, making them light but highly durable. Other systems are designed for heavier loads - typically utilized in warehouse environments where items must be supported securely.

Stainless steel racks are another popular choice, due to their ability to support heavy loads at high temperatures - perfect for businesses like restaurants and food manufacturers. Plus, these units are easy to keep clean, lasting longer than many other materials!

Metal storage racks that sit on the floor are some of the easiest solutions available, including freestanding models such as bike racks like Feedback Sports' RAKK, BirdRock Home 3 or Simple Houseware 5 Bike Racks. Such solutions make for convenient garage workshops or commercial warehouse storage as they can easily be moved around without drilling holes into walls or needing any special tools to secure them in place.

Interior Dunnage

Dunnage, also known as packing material, provides extra cushion for items during transit. Freight shippers and online commerce businesses alike require it in order to prevent damages caused by shifting or moving products during shipping, and limit breakage which costs customers.

Dunnage can be made up of various materials. Some options, such as foam, corrugated paper and bubble wrap are economical solutions that provide sufficient protection. While more specialized forms like molded plastic or solid wood may cost more but could provide optimal conditions during truck transport or ocean freight shipping.

SSI SCHAEFER offers an assortment of dunnage solutions, such as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), standard polyethylene and foams with ESD protection. Other choices include fabric dunnage that can be designed to cradle products. Laminates may also be applied for smooth and nonabrasive surfaces while machining provides detailed cradle options unavailable through other processes.

Packaging Solutions

Be it wire harnesses or engine parts, moving and protecting them throughout the supply chain requires custom packaging solutions tailored specifically to their movement and protection. Metal solutions offer warehouse storage efficiencies, line side efficiencies and picking efficiencies and can even be engineered to match the size, shape and capacity requirements of specific products.

Food grade designs for conveyors, scale platforms, wash walls & carts and form-filled tubes can be created with fine surface finishes to eliminate deep cracks where bacteria could thrive. Quality designs meet or surpass sanitary requirements and all systems can be constructed with food-grade powder coating to further prevent corrosion.

Sun Chemical will showcase an advanced digital proofing solution for metal decorating that allows converters and manufacturers to forgo physical aluminum wet proofs. Their SunColorBox service, combined with CGS ORIS software and two new metal deco dependent color libraries for PantoneLIVE, allows can manufacturers to cut their approval time from weeks down to just days.

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