The Indiana News

Indiana News is a collection of stories that provide the latest information on what’s happening in our state.

The Indiana News

Indiana News is a collection of stories that provide the latest information on what’s happening in our state. Our news coverage includes a wide range of topics such as sports, business, local government, lifestyle and more.

Our journalism is driven by a disciple-making culture that combines academic excellence with a commitment to influencing others to become more like Jesus. We offer an onsite and online education experience that is focused on empowering and equipping students to become leaders in their communities.

The Daily Rundown

IBJ's Daily Rundown features the day's top stories in a concise, easy-to-read format. The site is a must-have for those who want to stay on top of what's happening in Indiana. It's also an excellent resource for those who want to find out how their favorite local businesses are doing.

The Daily Rundown is part of the Unified Media Lab, a collection of eight student-run news organizations. Some of them are as big as Ball State, while others are much smaller, but all provide interesting and unique coverage of the Hoosier state.

The Daily Rundown is the aforementioned most notable of its ilk, but there are many other equally impressive, if not more entertaining, products that deserve their share of your attention. The list is long. Among the most notable are: the Daily News, a student-produced newspaper; the Ball State op-ed page, one of the top ten most read on campus; the IU obituaries, an online archive of alumni and faculty bios; the e-book The One-Stop Guide to Everything IU; and the IU Libraries' Friday Finish, a digital newsletter featuring book-related tidbits for local residents.

IU Basketball

Indiana Basketball hasn’t had a great run over the past 25 years. There were high points, but they were often matched by low points and mediocrity.

The program has been a little bit back and forth for the last several seasons, but it’s still a top-20 program in the Big Ten with a chance to make a deep run in the postseason. Its best teams have shown it can play at a high level.

That doesn’t mean IU has to win every game, but it does mean it needs to continue nitpicking and critiquing to keep growing. Wednesday’s blowout win won’t get a lot of criticism because it was a near-perfect game, but future games against Iowa, Purdue and Ohio State are going to be tougher.

That’s why a small change like adding stars to IU’s uniform shorts can be important. It’s a way to honor the program’s history without painting the team as too rooted in its past or stodgy.

Women of Influence

Women of Influence is an award that recognizes statewide leaders in education, business, law and public service. Indiana University is proud to support the program, which honors exceptional female executives who are making an impact on our state and its communities.

One of our most important roles at IU is providing life-changing opportunities to students, many of whom are first in their family to earn an undergraduate degree. This is a powerful way to impact the next generation and give them opportunities that will be the envy of their peers.

One of the best examples of this is May Wright Sewall, a suffragist who led a nationwide campaign for suffrage and made her home in Indianapolis. She was also a leading peace advocate, educator and social reformer.

Indiana 250

For the first time, IBJ Media--and its news brands Indianapolis Business Journal, Inside INdiana Business and Indiana Lawyer--have compiled a list of 250 people who are making an impact in Indiana. It’s a comprehensive and in-depth look at those who are advancing the state, influencing local business, improving communities, shaping philanthropy or contributing to government leadership.

The leaders on the list are making a difference locally, regionally and across the state-or in all three areas-in the arts, law, philanthropy, community development or other sectors.

IBJ Media sought nominations from fellow Hoosiers and a final selection was made by IBJ’s editorial staff. The honorees were selected based on their achievements and impact in the state’s business, education, philanthropy, arts, law, entrepreneurship and community organizations.

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